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Sneaky Hormone Disruptors Messing Up Your Hormones. 

Are you struggling with PCOS symptoms, signs of hormone imbalance or trying to fall pregnant?

Despite all our best efforts, there are ofree hidden culprits in our daily routines that are wreaking havoc on our hormones- without us even knowing. From plastic containers to tea bags, these sneaky hormone disruptors can affect your fertility, inflame PCOS symptoms, and throw your hormone balance off track.

This list covers some of the more unknown but super common Hormone Disruptors that many women face on a daily basis PLUS some easy ideas and alternatives you want to avoid them.

1. **Plastic Storage Containers:** Plastic containers often contain chemicals like BPA and phthalates, which can mimic hormones in the body and disrupt the endocrine system. To avoid this, opt for glass or stainless steel containers for storing food.

2. **Vegetable + Seed Oils:** Highly processed oils can contain harmful chemicals that disrupt hormone balance. Choose healthier options like coconut oil or olive oil for cooking.

3. **Morning Fasting:** Although fasting may be great for some people, fasting for extended periods can stress the body and disrupt hormone levels, especially for women who may be dealing with hormonal imbalances or under stress. Try to eat a balanced breakfast with good fats, protien and complex carbs within an hour of waking up to support hormone function.

4. **Excessive Cardio:** Overdoing cardio exercise can increase cortisol levels and disrupt hormone balance. Incorporate cortisol conscious workouts (ie yoga, walking etc), strength training and rest days into your workout routine for hormonal balance.

5. **Tea Bags:** Traditional tea bags are made from plastic and contain chemicals that can disrupt hormones. Opt for high quality organic loose leaf teas and use non toxic tea strainers/ infusers or look for tea bags made from natural materials (ie cotton and silk).

Our PCOS to Wellness hormone balance, fertility and motherhood teas are all made from the highest quality 100% organic herbs (hand blended in the correct ratios for maximum therapeutic results) and come in loose leaf form to avoid harmful plastic and hormone disrupting chemicals - you can veiw our blends here(and read the 1000 + reviews from REAL women)

6. **Pads + Tampons:** Conventional menstrual products can contain harmful chemicals. Switch to organic cotton pads and tampons to reduce exposure to these chemicals or consider a non toxic alternative such menstrual cup, disc or underwear. 

7. **Synthetic Multivitamins:** Some synthetic vitamins can contain fillers and additives that disrupt hormone function. Choose natural, whole food-based supplements.

8. **Fragranced Candles:** Synthetic fragrances in candles can contain hormone-disrupting chemicals. Opt for unscented or naturally scented candles made from essential oils and natural non toxic wax.

9. **Conventional Hair + Skin Products:** Many hair and skin products contain chemicals that can disrupt hormone balance. Look for natural, organic products free from harmful chemicals.

10. **Vitamin D Deficiency:** Low levels of vitamin D have been linked to hormone imbalances and fertility issues. Get regular sun exposure or consider taking a vitamin D supplement.

11. **Canned Foods:** Canned foods often contain BPA in the lining, which can disrupt hormone balance. Choose fresh or frozen foods whenever possible.

12. **Non-Stick Pots and Pans:** Non-stick cookware can release harmful chemicals when heated. Opt for stainless steel or cast iron cookware instead.

13. **Low Magnesium:** Magnesium plays a key role in hormone balance, and a deficiency can contribute to hormonal issues. Incorporate magnesium-rich foods into your diet or consider taking a supplement.

To help manage your PCOS symptoms, boost fertility and support overall hormone balance naturally, consider trying our 100% natural and organic hormone balance teas, such as Cysterhood Tea.

With over 1000 real reviews, it's a trusted and proven choice specifically formulated for women looking to take control of their hormone health- naturally. Don't let these sneaky hormone disruptors continue to affect your well-being, make small changes today and you body and hormones will thank you for it!

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1280 reviews
Love it!

Absolutely love this tea! Already seeing the benefits after only a few weeks

Love it!

Absolutely love this tea! Already seeing the benefits after only a few weeks

No more sore boobs

Has helped my pms symptoms sooo much. The only thing that has worked to reduce pain and swelling of my boobs the week before my period

No more sore boobs

Has helped my pms symptoms sooo much. The only thing that has worked to reduce pain and swelling of my boobs the week before my period

Worth every cent!

This tea has been a total lifesaver for me! I've got PCOS, and it was causing a ton of hair loss. But after sipping on this tea every day for four months, I'm seeing all these tiny baby hairs popping up all over my hairline and my hair is looking fuller overall. And get this - my period actually showed up on the day my tracking app said it would, which has NEVER happened before! Plus, my PMS symptoms are way less intense now. This tea has seriously made a big difference for me. I am recommending this tea to everyone in my life, I'm almost finished my 2nd bag and about to purchase my 3rd!!