The PCOS to Wellness Holistic E-Guide

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The PCOS to Wellness Holistic Guide is my little book of tips to THRIVING with PCOS.

It was created to provide simple and achievable tools to help you balance your hormones, manage your PCOS symptoms & supercharge your fertility!

After being diagnosed with PCOS myself, told there was no cure and that I would not be able to conceive naturally, I felt completely alone and devastated.

I refused to believe this, and instead I invested my time and money into understanding every facet of PCOS, natural treatments and evidence based studies. 

With this knowledge, consistency and time I was able to clear up my acne, grow back my hair, get my menstrual cycle back, AND I even fell pregnant and gave birth to my beautiful baby boy!- 100% naturally.

And now I want to share my knowledge with you!

With a focus on holistic treatments, and simple dietary + lifestyle changes, I hope that this guide will give you the confidence to understand your hormones, learn how to manage your symptoms, and ultimately give you the knowledge you need to take back your health, so that you can find your own way to optimal wellness. 

The E-guide contains 24 pages of hormone loving tips including:

- My own journey with PCOS

- What is PCOS

- Different types of PCOS

- Signs and Symptoms of PCOS

- Understanding the menstrual cycle

- Causes and triggers of PCOS

- Common nutritional deficiencies 

- Natural ways to manage PCOS

- Helpful herbs and supplements

- The PCOS gut- health connection

- A PCOS staples shopping list

The PCOS to Wellness Holistic Guide, should be used a guide only and is not intended to diagnosis or provide medical advice.

This content in this Guide is copyright protected and can not be copied or reproduced. 

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Waste of Money

I can't believe someone would justify charging $35 for 24 pages of information you can find for free on Google. Water of money.

Sarah hayer

I was diagnosed with PCOS last month have been so overwhelmed with it all, this guide has truly made me feel so much more at ease and positive about being diagnosed with PCOS. Thank you for creating it 💗

Super helpful

This guide basically condenses everything you need to know about PCOS into a an easy to understand format. I know longer have to scour the internet for hours on end looking for basic information that I need.

Thank you

Thank you so much for this, so have read a lot of PCOS ‘guides’ and books and this one was truly they easiest and most helpful one so far. I’ve only just started implementing some of your tips and already started noticing small changes. I genuinely can’t wait to continue my journey 💗


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Regular cycle

This tea is amazing. Within the first month of drinking the tea daily (sometimes twice a day) my period came just a few days late, instead of weeks late! It tastes great and is a beautiful way to end my day. Giving 4 stars because I am yet to see any changes in my acne, hair loss and hirsutism but I’m hoping to see improvements soon.

I swear by this tea!!

This stuff is the holy grail- I’ve got PCOS and couldn’t find anything that could easily help balance my hormones and horrible symptoms. This tea was the first tea I’ve tried out of the bundle and within 3 months of me drinking this tea 2-3 times a day I found out I was pregnant (my partner and I had been together for 7 years) 😂😂 you can really feel the benefits seeping into your body, and how much your body loves it! I use this every time I feel nauseous as well as the spearmint helps with that, I’ve purchased the whole range and excited to try them all ❤️


This tea is a must in our household for sickness or a pick-me-up when feeling a little run down! Amazing taste and boost for the immune system!

Miracle tea

This tea has done wonders for my hormones. I notice a big difference when I take it twice a day

Love it 😀

I love this tea, it not only tastes good, it works! It helped with my bloating, hair loss and cravings. And helped with my period, cramps not as bad and length went from
7-9 days to 4- 5 days.
Love it!