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The BEST herbs for: PCOS 

Herbs are potent natural medicine that should NOT be underestimated! 

I started using herbs early in my PCOS diagnoses after see a naturopath and they ended up played such a HUGE role in my own PCOS, hormone and fertility journey. 

I was seeing such significant improvements to my PCOS symptoms (my period had returned, my acne cleared up, my bloating disappeared, and my hair started to regrow!) that it inspired to work alongside my naturopath to create a unique and powerful blend of organic hormone balancing herbs that could help others (just like myself!) with their own hormone balancing journeys, but be affordable and accessible. You can try Cysterhood tea here 

So what are the top herbs for PCOS and how can they help?

1. SPEARMINT- scientifically proven to lower testosterone levels, which is directly linked to PCOS symptoms such as acne, hair loss, hirsutism, irregular cycles and infertility.

2. STINGING NETTLE LEAF - helps improve liver function to process hormones effectively, as well as helping to reduce male hormones such as DHT.

3. ALFALFA LEAF - aids detoxification for optimal hormonal balance and prepare the body for conception and pregnancy. High in vitamins and minerals, contains helpful phytoestrogens, aids in protecting against xenohormones.

4. LEMON BALM - aids digestion, reduces bloating, soothes the nervous system, decreased PMS, promotes good sleep and supports the liver for detoxification.

5. LADYS MANTLE - promotes hormone balance, cycle regulation and can help reduce PMS, heavy and painful periods. It also has powerful skin healing properties and promotes healthy hair scalp growth.

6. CINNAMON (Ceylon) - helps balance blood sugar levels, support insulin resistance and boost metabolism/weight loss. (Must TRUE ceylon cinnamon!)

7. RASPBERRY LEAF - supports menstrual health and fertility. It is thought to be effective in clearing out congestion and blockages in the ovaries and uterus

8. GINGER ROOT - powerful anti-inflammatory properties and helps lower blood sugar levels. It may also helps to alleviate nausea and pain associated with the menstrual cycle

I am proud to say that after working hard to source the highest quality and 100% organic herbs our @pcostowellnessco #Cysterhood tea now contains ALL of the powerhouse herb listed above (and in the optimal ratios to ensure maximum results) which you can now get here, or you can of course get the individual herbs from any  great naturopath/ herbalist too! (but just make sure they are qualfied on how to blend them properly to avoid any contradictions between the herbs) 

Read the 1000s of REAL reviews for Cysterhood tea here 

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Regular cycle

This tea is amazing. Within the first month of drinking the tea daily (sometimes twice a day) my period came just a few days late, instead of weeks late! It tastes great and is a beautiful way to end my day. Giving 4 stars because I am yet to see any changes in my acne, hair loss and hirsutism but I’m hoping to see improvements soon.

I swear by this tea!!

This stuff is the holy grail- I’ve got PCOS and couldn’t find anything that could easily help balance my hormones and horrible symptoms. This tea was the first tea I’ve tried out of the bundle and within 3 months of me drinking this tea 2-3 times a day I found out I was pregnant (my partner and I had been together for 7 years) 😂😂 you can really feel the benefits seeping into your body, and how much your body loves it! I use this every time I feel nauseous as well as the spearmint helps with that, I’ve purchased the whole range and excited to try them all ❤️


This tea is a must in our household for sickness or a pick-me-up when feeling a little run down! Amazing taste and boost for the immune system!

Miracle tea

This tea has done wonders for my hormones. I notice a big difference when I take it twice a day

Love it 😀

I love this tea, it not only tastes good, it works! It helped with my bloating, hair loss and cravings. And helped with my period, cramps not as bad and length went from
7-9 days to 4- 5 days.
Love it!