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Our 28 day hormone reset bundle has been specifically curated to help actively reset and kick start your hormones healing journey. 

We have bundled together our most powerful hormone healing herbies to help to   decrease inflammation, detoxify your system, boost your fertility, reduce PMS, calm your adrenal system, relieve stress, and regulate your cycle.

The 28 day bundle includes:

2x Cysterhood tea (powerful hormone balance and fertility tea)
1x Zenhood tea (soothe your adrenals and reduce stress)

1x Chaihood tea  (reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar levels and promote balanced hormones)


For optimal results we recommend the following routine: (However please note this is just a guide and the teas can be taken at any time throughout the day that is convenient to you.)


1-2x cups of Cysterhood tea


1x cup of Chaihood tea

1-2x cups Cysterhood tea


1x cup Zenhood tea



The 28 Day Reset may help to support:

-   Symptoms of PCOS and other hormonal imbalances (such as endometriosis, adenomyosis, and post pill symptoms) 

-   Menstrual cycle irregularities 

-   Fertility

-   Weight management 

-   Adrenal +stress support

-   Decrease inflammation 

-   Restful sleep

-   Hirsutism 

-   Problematic skin conditions such as acne and dermatitis

-   Hair loss and promote healthy growth

-   Bloating

-   PMS + Menstrual Cramps

-   Mood



All the products in the 28 Day Reset are:

  • 100% natural
  • Organic
  • Caffeine free
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Ethically sourced
  • Hand blended and packaged in Australia
  • 100% recyclable packaging 

* Always consult with your healthcare provider if you wish to find out what is right for you. Not suitable while pregnant.

**Although all our ingredients are 100% naturally gluten free and blended in our gluten free facility, our herbs come from all over the world and may have been handled in facilities that process gluten containing grains before arriving to us.



Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Hayley Brockwell
Redness gone

Omg, I was a bit skeptical at first. How could a tea fix my horrific skin?? But it has significantly reduced the redness in my acne and my skin is glowing! Will stick to it to see if I get my period back 🤞

Helped with pre menstrual bleeding

I have been taking this tea for about 2 periods now and it has helped more than I even imagined.
I used to have pre menstrual bleeding for about a week before I get my period. Now it's only comes on the day before my period.
Also period has reduced in days and I didn't need any pain killers this month. Usually I have to rely on ibuprofen just to function.
I'm obsessed and recommend to every woman I know.

Beautiful Products!

I was lucky enough to win the 28 hormone reset bundle through an instagram competition hosted via PCOS To Wellness. The products are truly incredible and taste delicious! My periods are much more regular and thats from as little as one cup a day of the Cysterhood Tea. I've combined the daily ritual of these teas with lifestyle changes to help me improve my PCOS without medical intervention and have come along leaps and bounds. We can do it naturally!! My favourite is the Zenhood Tea. Without fail if my stress levels are up or if i'm anxious a strong brew of this helps EVERY time and helps to bring on a wonderful nights sleep. Im back to buy more!

Regulated my cycles

I recommend those teas to everyone that struggled to have regular periods due to PCOS. In June this year I decided to get off the pill - Diane 35 after taking it for 1 year - my libido was non existent and the doctor was advising that’s the price to pay to have a chance to regulate my cycles by taking those pills and working on reducing testosterone level. I started to drink the teas in July after finishing pills, since then my cycles regulated and are occurring monthly with 31 day cycle - this is soemthing that never happens to me before. Also my libido is back. :) even if the teas are travelling half the world to get to me, I am here to order more !

Arshpreet Dahiya
Highly recommend!

Started having all of the teas and have been enjoying. Each tea has a unique soothing flavour, none of the ingredients are overpowering. I am so glad that I found these teas. Will update if I it helps with my irregular menstrual cycles. However, it has helped with bloating, cravings and skin’s texture.


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1280 reviews
Love it!

Absolutely love this tea! Already seeing the benefits after only a few weeks

Love it!

Absolutely love this tea! Already seeing the benefits after only a few weeks

No more sore boobs

Has helped my pms symptoms sooo much. The only thing that has worked to reduce pain and swelling of my boobs the week before my period

No more sore boobs

Has helped my pms symptoms sooo much. The only thing that has worked to reduce pain and swelling of my boobs the week before my period

Worth every cent!

This tea has been a total lifesaver for me! I've got PCOS, and it was causing a ton of hair loss. But after sipping on this tea every day for four months, I'm seeing all these tiny baby hairs popping up all over my hairline and my hair is looking fuller overall. And get this - my period actually showed up on the day my tracking app said it would, which has NEVER happened before! Plus, my PMS symptoms are way less intense now. This tea has seriously made a big difference for me. I am recommending this tea to everyone in my life, I'm almost finished my 2nd bag and about to purchase my 3rd!!